About Chase the Life You Love

Chase the Life You Love

90% of our day is spent working and the remaining 10% is split between doing things we love and being with family.

We work full time jobs so we can keep the house we spend such little time in. We send our children to day care to be cared for by people we barely know rather than us, the parents. We choose to have nice things over the most precious resource we have: Time.

There is a difference in being alive and living. Being alive is simply breathing, following a set pattern, and making a steady income. Living is intentional.

Since breaking this mold, Grace and I have found ourselves growing closer as we declutter and downsize our world.

These 3 changes, although intimidating, have been the best changes in our lives. Grace and I have grown closer to each other and we’ve often wondered why many families value the American Dream over each other.

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It was with this in mind that Chase the Life You Love was born.

By sharing our stories of change, travel, and personal growth, Grace and I hope to inspire you to pursue your family and own dreams rather than the American Dream.

We want to encourage you to Chase the Life You Love.

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  1. It was great meeting your family tonight at the campground. Rowan is such an amazing, sweet and polite little boy and Oliver is precious. Rowan made our night wanting to shake our hands! God Bless your family and safe travels!

    1. Post

      It was great meeting you as well! We never know what’s going to happen when he’s around! haha!
      He loves meeting new people, and we’re so glad you two took the time to stop and say hi. We really enjoyed the conversation!

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