Working a day Job DOES NOT mean you have a bad life

To my grandparents generation, if you had job, it didn’t matter if you loved it or not. For my parents generation, that thought process started shifting gears until it reached what it is today; if you don’t love your job, you shouldn’t be working it. That especially holds true for worker today. Oddly enough, many still find themselves in jobs they hate because of debt or other “obligations” that are hindering them from living a life of fulfillment. Others aren’t happy with their day jobs because they want to be their own entrepreneurs, instead. I’m all for small business, but there is one truth I need to state. Working a day job does not mean you have a bad life.

The Day Job

For several years, I have been blessed to work the most incredible day job as a production artist at Every Monday, we meet to encourage each other. We bowl together, and there was even one time we all sweat together at D1 Training and Therapy! (I didn’t mind this though because I was able to meet the legendary Chris Hogan!)

I say this not to brag or to give any kind of false pretense, because the last thing I want you to do is to compare your life to mine and Graces.

No, I say this because you may be in a day job while you are building a photography business like I am, or seeking some other endeavor that others seem to be doing effectively, and this comparison is killing you.

Perhaps you are like how I was for a time and feel guilty for wanting to build a business you love and you are supposed to hate your  day job while doing so!

Loving Your Day Job

Not long ago, I read a book titled, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

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In it, Simon Sinek makes the argument that for any big belief, any big corporation, any business that it booming has always started with the question, “Why?”

When I first started USImprints, my reason was Grace. She was six months pregnant and, while I’m being completely transparent, I had just been fired from another job!

My “why” initially was born out of fear, or a manipulation as Sinek would call it.

Over time, though, my why transformed into something of inspiration. I started to long to inspire others and encourage them.

Each day as I walked into my day job, I would walk up to each of my team mates and wish them a “Magnificent Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, This Thursday, and Fun Friday!” I believed, and still believe, by pouring positivity and life into others, it would eventually transform me into the positive person I want to be.

I can say I was right., and I discovered something powerful:

What you pour into others has more power in transforming your life than what taking for yourself ever will.

Pouring life into others at work and every where you go is the secret to loving your day job, and is one way you can Chase the Life You Love.

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