My Inspiration Comes From Them

I was sitting here on my bed, wracking my brain for content to write or create, but nothing was coming. I felt so uninspired. That is, until I heard the small footsteps shuffle into mine and Grace’s room and I hear Rowan say, “Dada.” Two minutes later, I look down at my sleepy boy and wonderful wife, and I remember where my source of inspiration is coming from. My inspiration comes from them: my wife and my son.

My Inspiration Comes from them

My Inspiration Comes From

There are many ways you can be motivated and inspired. Love, leadership, desire…these are some of the most powerful motivators in life, but often, I find my motivation in my family because of fear.

My fear is that I will not provide for them as they need me to. Maybe I won’t always be the man of integrity I strive to be, and Rowan will see that. Perhaps there will come a time where Grace is in desperate need of my affection, and I’ll passively ignore her. Maybe that has already happened in the past.

It’s because of this fear, the fear of failing my family, that I want to stay up late into the night working so Grace doesn’t have to. It’s this fear that is driving me to, against my selfish desires, tuck Rowan into his own bed rather than letting him stay between Grace and me so that as he grows, he sees that it is important for a man to hold his wife rather than to let anything, including a child, between them.

I wish I could say that my thoughts are irrational fears, but in all honesty, they are as true of a fear as any, especially in a world where men do not act like men.

The role of the man is to take on the weight of what the world throws at him so that his family doesn’t have to, unlike the countless boys-with-beards today who are leaving their wives, children, and jobs in pursuit of their own selfish ambitions.

I promise, I am not intending this to be a rant; I only want to show my passion for my family and explain where my inspiration comes from.

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