Own Who You Are

Everyone who is close to me knows this one thing about me: I’m a basic, white, college chick at heart when it is fall. I’m certain that if it were socially acceptable to wear Ugg boots as a guy, I’d totally do it! Okay, maybe not, but I do pumpkin spice everything! Although I joke about that, the point I want to make is to own who you are.

Own Who You Are

Living an authentic life is hard. There is the pressure to be successful, to laugh at certain jokes, or be attracted to a certain kind of person along with countless other things. If you start to do the things you love, you are weird.

What’s wrong with weird, though? Shouldn’t the traits that make you weird also be the traits that make you stand out from among the crowd?

It makes me think of The Incredibles whenever Syndrome is going to sell his technology so everyone will be the same, and he makes the statement, “When everyone’s super, no one will be!”

If it weren’t for everyone’s differences, quirks, or weird traits, no one would be unique and everybody would be the same as the next. That would be like living in a world without color: dull.

What does this mean?

If you are into abstract art, chase it! Are you a Justin Bieber fan while your best friend is outwardly against him? Listen to his music anyway! (If he gets mad, just ask, “Is it too late to say sorry?”) Do you want to become a photographer while experienced professionals are discouraging you? Pursue photography anyway. You only have one life to live, and it should be lived to it’s fullest potential.

Own who you are, find strength in Christ, and live according to His purpose so that you can Chase the Life You Love.

Own Who You Are

Seriously, I love pumpkin spice everything.


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